Glen Moray

SMWS 35.139 Punchy spice explosion

Glen Moray 20 Years Old 1994 35.139 Punchy spice explosion (57.9%, SMWS, HH, 239 Bottles, 2015)

  • Category: Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • Origin: Glen Moray Distillery
  • Bottling: Scotch Malt Whisky Society Cask 35.139
  • ABV: 57.9%
  • Cost: £76.60
  • Score: 88/100

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

What they say:

35.139 Punchy spice explosion

Cask No. 35.139

“Wow! This is punchy” exclaimed one panellist. We marvelled at the strong bourbon spice and exotic heat. Ginger nuts, young rum and bananas gave way to a whisky sour cocktail and some melted brown sugar. One stirred porridge and honey on the stove whilst another discovered the more savoury edge of sauteed mushrooms. Water brought explosions of sweetness and the ginger took on a candied feel. The texture was almost chewy. Further exploration brought chai tea with condensed milk, buttery shortbread and Thai spices simmering in coconut milk. Lovely lemongrass, ginger and then some banana bread. Espresso dregs with brown sugar to finish.

Drinking tip: Really open up with a splash of water

Date Distilled: 11 November 1994 Colour: Deep gold Age: 20 years Flavour : Juicy, oak & vanilla Cask Type: First fill toasted oak hogshead Whisky Region: Speyside Lossie Outturn: 239 bottles

SMWS 35.139 Punchy spice explosion

What I say:

Sampled at the SMWS Big November Outturn preview tasting on 10th November 2015. I have sampled numerous Glen Moray expressions (SMWS Distillery Code #35) , however the fact this had been matured in a toasted oak cask and the colour of this dram particularly attracted me to it. I have found I have a fondness for Toasted oak expressions.


Dark and full amber gold (11/20), medium-sized tears leave medium thick legs


Masses of rich toffee, ginger nut biscuits, caramel, fudge, oaky wood, custard apple, orchard fruits, crème caramel, caramelised sugars, malty cereal barley, Demerara sugar, almost molasses.


Brown sugar, fresh and crystallized ginger, honey, fudge, oats or oaty biscuits or porridge, masses of vanilla, like stripping/crushing Madagascan vanilla bean pods, vanilla custard, creamy, more spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, spiced milk tea or bubble tea.


Medium, zesty and sweet like orange or madeira drizzle cake


Wow, a stunning Glen Moray expression. The toasted cask has worked to perfection here with a massive infusion of caramelised sugars and beautiful complimentary spices. A culinary delight!

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