#FlightsOfFancy – The Whiskey Nut

OK, I’ll have a bash at my Flights of Fancy.
All are fine drams in their own style and all have a story to tell. The story for me is often just as important as the taste – it certainly adds to the overall experience.
In no particular order.


#1. Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt

Otherwise known as Shackleton’s Whisky.

Shackletons Whisky Inside-the-crate
A great whisky to drink and a great story – who would leave such a fine whisky behind in the Antarctic for over 100 yrs?


#2. Eschenbrenner Spessart Amber.

A lovely little single malt made in a micro distillery in Berlin aged in German Oak.

Only available at the distillery so getting hold of it is you’re own individual story.


#3.Black & White Blended Whisky.

Not just any bottle – the bottle that was discovered during renovations at work and according to Diageo is at least 24 yrs old! Now that’s a nice tasting whisky!

Amrut Fusion

#4. Amrut Fusion.

A lovely blend of Indian and Scotch malts signifying the global reach of whisky – and the happy marriage of my friends.


#5. Powers Johns Lane Release.

An Irish pot still expression with a lovely spicy taste which bridges the gap between Irish Whiskey of old and the rising resurgence of Irish Whiskey today.


Whiskey Nut

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