#FlightsOfFancy – Barry Bradford at The Whiskyphiles

OK so here goes my #FlightsOfFancy


#1 Aberlour-Glenlivet 19 Years Old 1995 Sauternes ~ 52.6% (Wm Cadenhead) £55

Great distillery, sweet wine finish (yum), Indie bottler, single cask, cask strength, mid-to late teens maturation – yet perfectly palateable, sweet and refreshing at cask strength – one of those rare few whiskies that despite having before, I want again and again and again.


#2 The Balvenie 40 Years Old ~ 48.5% (William Grant & Sons Ltd.) £2500

Impending 40th it was either this or a 1976 vintage. Considering Balvenie inadvertently started my whisky love affair it seems only appropriate they get this shout – plus who does old Sherry/Bourbon marriages better than David Stewart? Manuka honey anyone?


#3 Yoichi 20 Years Old ~ 52% (Nikka) £200

Hot topic – aged Japanese whisky – this one is good, very good in fact! From Nikka’s Yoichi distillery – the brainchild of Masatake Taketsuru producing a lightly peated almost Campbeltown style in an indomitably Japanese perfectionist manner.


#4 Talisker 25 Years Old 2011 ~ 45.8% (Diageo) £220

Nothing quite tastes like Talisker – I considered putting the 10 or even 18 Years Old but was feeling indulgent so here you go a full 25 Year whack at maturation and I bet it still tastes as wild as the weather on an average Isle of Skye day!

PECask 2017

#5 Port Ellen 10 Years Old 2017 Bourbon Cask ~ 58.4% (Single Cask Sample) £priceless

Traditionally something incredibly peaty is left to the end so as not to ruin your palate – I would have to go with a Port Ellen. Still managed never to try any! Something straight from the cask at 10 Years Old – in the Warehouse (nothing can beat the atmosphere of sampling whisky in its maturation warehouse) – this would require both the reopening of Port Ellen and the 10 year maturation time so isn’t likely to happen anytime before 2027!

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  1. OK, I’ll have a bash at my Flights of Fancy.
    All are fine drams in their own style and all have a story to tell. The story for me is often just as important as the taste – it certainly adds to the overall experience.
    In no particular order.

    1. Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt otherwise known as Shackleton’s Whisky.
    A great whisky to drink and a great story – who would leave such a fine whisky behind in the Antarctic for over 100 yrs?

    2. Eschenbrenner Spessart Amber. A lovely little single malt made in a micro distillery in Berlin aged in German Oak.
    Only available at the distillery so getting hold of it is you’re own individual story.

    3.Black & White Blended Whisky. Not just any bottle – the bottle that was discovered during renovations at work and according to Diageo is at least 24 yrs old! Now that’s a nice tasting whisky!

    4. Amrut Fusion. A lovely blend of Indian and Scotch malts signifying the global reach of whisky – and the happy marriage of my friends.

    5. Powers Johns Lane Release. An Irish pot still expression with a lovely spicy taste which bridges the gap between Irish Whiskey of old and the rising resurgence of Irish Whiskey today.


    Whiskey Nut


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