North British 21 Years Old 1991 Dancing Pig

North British 21 Years Old 1991 (56.8%, Robbie Douglas, 1st Fill Bourbon Cask #3229, 240 Bottles, 2012)

  • Single grain scotch whisky
  • 56.8% ABV, £45-£50 for 70cl
  • Score: 79/100


What they say:

Robbie Douglas Independent Bottlers
We believe in Quality Consistency Great Value
North British Single Grain Scotch Whisky 21 years old
Distilled: 22nd January 1991
Bottled: 10th February 2012
ABV: 56.8% First fill bourbon cask Cask No: 3229
Limited to 240 Bottles
Tasting Notes
Nose: Straight away you get the vanilla and the charred oak from the bourbon cask, grassy, cereal, lavender.
Taste: Very sweet, vanilla, honey, very smooth and easy to drink despite it’s strength, it really doesn’t need water! Something about it, maybe it’s the grain reminds me of Rye Whiskey, probably the earthy notes. With some water (which it really doesn’t need!), salted microwave popcorn.
Finish: A nice long lingering finish, honey, there’s something spicy or herbal about the finish, slightly salty, buttery with an oily mouth feel, but very sweet and very pleasant.

What I say:

Robbie Douglas were a short-lived Independent Whisky Bottler started in Glasgow in March 2012 and ceased on 31st March 2015. At their Inaugural/Launch event they released this 21 Years Old single grain expression from North British distillery. Matured in a single ex-bourbon cask, this was bottled under their Dancing Pig label.


Old gold, pale and refractive (6/20) medium droplet tears


Perfumed, light chemical /ethanol, honey, sweet, new wood, coloured pencil shavings, ’round’ tablet or fudge, vanilla, beeswax, furniture polish, teak and linseed oils


Smooth, Madagascan vanilla bean, coconut, sweet honey, cereal grains, wheat and barley, gristy, floral lilac and rose, hints of spirit spices and white pepper


Medium, sweet, honey, oak wood, cleansing and slightly bitter


Not a bad single cask/single grain expression though it didn’t appear to score overly well on the tastebuds. There are some nice old cask effects on this spirit but sadly the grainy and sometimes slightly chemical nature appears to have jaded our opinion just a little.

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