The Singleton of Dufftown Sunray

The Singleton of Dufftown Sunray (40%, OB, 2015)

  • Dufftown Distillery – Diageo
  • 40% ABV
  • £39.89
  • Score: 82/100


What they say:

A smooth and elegant example of Dufftown’s honeyed intensity, golden and rich on the palate with notes of blackcurrant and heather honey on the nose.


APPEARANCE Medium to light amber.

NOSE Incredibly soft, starting deep with Demerara sugar and baked apple, rising with heather honey and floral top notes. Blackcurrant and bramble leave a soft balance.

BODY Light

PALATE Sweet and rounded with soft spice amongst fruity notes.

FINISH Sweet, with blackcurrants and vanilla.

What I say:

Sample B5A from the recent NAS vs age statement blind-tasting see The Great Age Statement Debate and Photo Finish Between Age Statement And NAS Whisky In Big Blind Tasting.

This NAS expression from Dufftown distillery was compared directly with the The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Years Old expression.


Sauternes, light gold (2/20), medium droplet tears, slow and oily with fine trails


Grassy, cereal barley, grist, heather honey sweet, zesty fruit jellies, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and peach


Smooth, rich and syrupy, some zesty citrus and pith, grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime a touch of spicy pepper, toffee and caramel, thins with a prickly heat


Medium, orange, salted caramel and white pepper with a little bitterness


Thin and bitter in places this expression was a little more oilier and mouthwatering than the standard 12 Year old expression from Dufftown. We guessed this was the NAS expression of these two examples and we also preferred it slightly less (again only 1 point difference).

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