SMWS 84.16 A Beaker full of the warm south

Glendullan 13 Years Old 2001 84.16 A Beaker full of the warm south (56.6%, SMWS, Refill Bourbon Barrel, 184 Bottles, 2015)

  • Category: Speyside single malt Scotch Whisky
  • Origin: Glendullan Distillery
  • Bottling: Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • ABV: 56.6%
  • Cost: £48.70

Glendullan 13 yo SMWS 84_16

What They say:

Cask No. 84.16

The nose was ‘a beaker full of the warm south’ – heady flowers on a midsummer Canary Island breeze; various sweet wines (Madeira, Sauternes, muscat, sweet pale sherry), Müller fruit corner and honey dribbled over ice-cream. The neat palate (completely un-aggressive) was deliciously warm and tasty – hibiscus flowers in syrup, spun sugar, candy floss and flooding honey intensity – but all complexified by the glow of a dying charcoal fire and some muted orange zest and lemon rock. The reduced nose – lemon bonbons and honey was ‘sweet delight on a summer’s night’. The palate – wood sap, lemon drizzle cake and honey – Ab Fab.

Drinking tip: On a summer night, in the garden, counting shooting stars.

Date Distilled: 4 October 2001 Colour: Frascati in the moonlight Age: 13 years Flavour : Sweet, fruity & mellow Cask Type: Refill barrel Whisky Region: Speyside Spey Outturn: 184 bottles

What I say:

Glendullan, like Horst Buchholz of The Magnificent Seven is generally the one most people forget, fail to remember or never even knew in the first place. Glendullan was the final of seven distilleries to be built in Dufftown in the 19th Century. Although in a recent conversation on social media even some of the more esteemed whisky peeps out there forgot Parkmore and Convalmore out of those seven, most likely as they are no longer with us and their whisky almost gone too. Glendullan is better known in the US where the Diageo ‘The Singleton’ brand uses Glendullan malt whisky for this area of distribution. Bringing the grand total of The Singleton whiskies to four separate distilleries (Dufftown [Europe], Glen Ord [Asia], Glendullan [US] and previously Auchroisk). Making some of us question if Diageo really had a clue what calling their whiskies ‘The Singleton’ really meant? Unless they were taking the pure mathematical approach of “A set which contains exactly one element.” That element being whisky, er.. whisky from different distilleries. Anyway all this nonsense and recollecting of random conversations between whisky geeks is a sure fire way of highlighting that I don’t really have a lot to say for Glendullan distillery, or its whisky. This was to be the ticking off of the last whisky I sampled from all of the operative distilleries in Scotland, however new ones are opening at such a pace that was never going to be achievable, I recently sampled 3 expressions of Glendullan. Perhaps tellingly during our visit of Dufftown we managed to visit every distillery except Glendullan or Glendullen as it appears to be having an identity crisis on Google maps…


Champagne gold (2/20), medium fine elongated tears with fine legs


Sweet custard vanilla, almost cloying, egg custard pastries dusted with cinnamon spice, dusty, oak wood, biscuit barley malt, with water a little wood polish and more feints/spirit nature is revealed


Fruity, apples and pears, zesty apple skin, citric, quite thin and light-bodied, syrup, honey, malt, acidic green apples, feints/spirit, lightly acidic and ‘green’ hints of white pepper and cinnamon spice.


Medium, fruit, sharp/citric apples, lime zest, green oak wood


A little light and citric, sweet and cask strength but lacking in flavour, spirit heavy/cask light, falls apart with water

Score: 81/100

Don’t take my word for it:

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