Roughstock Montana Bourbon Whiskey

Roughstock Montana Bourbon Whiskey ~ 45% (Roughstock Distillery)

  • Montana Bourbon Whiskey
  • 45% ABV,
  • £48.39
  • Score: 86/100


What they say:

There hasn’t been a distillery in Montana in more than 100 years, which we thought was a shame. One thing history tells us is that great whiskey starts with two things: amazing grain and pure water. Luckily we’ve got plenty of both right here in Montana that rival that of any place in the world. With the beautiful grain grown throughout the state and the pure mountain snowmelt that fills our lakes, streams, rivers, and aquifers it’s a no-brainer that Montana was meant for making whiskey. Damn good whiskey, in fact.

Nestled at the base of the Bridger Mountain Range in beautiful southwestern Montana, RoughStock Distillery is quietly hand crafting small batch whiskeys with a western flair. We are Montana’s first legal distillery since Prohibition and the first to make whiskey in Montana in more than 100 years.

We are sure you will taste the difference our handmade approach makes in every bottle of our whiskey. RoughStock Distillery is quietly handcrafting small batch western-style whiskeys using locally grown grains. Our process highlights the world class grain without an overbearing oak influence. Our whiskeys are truly something unique and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. We hope you agree.

Montana Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a vatted mix of four different in-house Bourbon recipes with varying corn, wheat, rye and malt contents. When these individual mature whiskeys are married together our Montana Bourbon becomes a rich and complex whiskey with multiple layers of exceptional flavor. This traditional American Whiskey is mashed with pure mountain stream water, carefully distilled twice in our copper pot stills, and then aged to perfection in heavily charred virgin American white oak barrels. Handcrafted in small batches in the mountains of Montana, our Bourbon is as grand and pure as the surroundings it was crafted in.


What I say:

Roughstock Montana Bourbon Whiskey, made from a vatting of four different mashbill bourbons for added complexity.


Dark amber gold (12/20), numerous heavy and oily tears


Vanilla, beeswax wood polish, spiced cinnamon, ginger, fruity peach nectarine, sweet pastry, icing sugar, Playdoh (sweet and plastic), doughy wheat flour.


Smooth on the palate, rich and oily, buttery, creamy vanilla, light oaky wood (polished), some pickled ginger, coconut milk or cream, drying and a little tannic with bubblegum and vaporous spirit hints


Medium length, smooth polished oak wood and sweet vanilla cream


A rather accomplished Bourbon overall, plenty of weight and body, lots of well-developed woody oak maturation flavours and some unusual but complimentary flavours. We are looking forward to trying more from Roughstock if their Bourbon is a measure of the quality of their output!

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