Glen Elgin

SMWS 85.26 Fragrant perfumes and deeper resonances

Glen Elgin 28 Years Old 1985 85.26 Fragrant perfumes and deeper resonances (44.5%, SMWS, Refill HH, 186 Bottles, 2013)

  • Speyside single malt scotch whisky
  • 44.5% ABV, £91.90
  • Score: 92/100


What they say:

Cask No. 85.26 

Fragrantly perfumed, but with deeper aspects, the nose conveyed toffee popcorn, puff candy, beeswax, hob-nobs and vanilla ice-cream; also peach and mango, hessian and salty dry-roasted nuts. We agreed the palate was mouth-coating, viscous and rich, with pineapple, heady floral sweetness, like parma violets and heather honey. With a drop of water the nose found apple granny cake (including caramel and pastry), pineapple chunks, scented candles and distant incense smoke. The palate still balanced the fruity and the perfumed (clean laundry, soapy bubbles) against deeper resonances (tobacco, ginger, euthymol toothpaste). Charming layers from the distillery named after the county town.

Drinking tip Anytime whisky – but go easy on the water.

Date Distilled: 2nd May 1985 Colour: gold nugget in a miner’s grubby hand Age: 28 years Flavour : Sweet, fruity & mellow Cask Type: Refill Hogshead Whisky Region: Speyside Lossie

Outturn:186 bottles


What I say:

Another distillery bagged on my SMWS tour. This time Glen Elgin (SMWS Distillery #85). Luckily for me this one was 28 years old and the only #85 available at the bar so took one for the team this time. Actually was my starter dram for a wee Valentine’s jaunt and some nibbles. Food as always was exceptional quality at the SMWS 28 Queen Street venue.


Dark amber gold (9/20), medium slow tears


Heather honey, cinder toffee, ginger and orange marmalade, toffee fudge, oak wood, beeswax candles, vanilla crème brulee


Liquid honey, peach, pear, heather honey, pineapple fritters, smooth and mellow, well rounded, musty dunnage warehouses and hessian, a little fresh root ginger livens things up and some elemental coppery flavour, becomes floral with hints of linen, like washed clothes drying in the sun.


Long, sweet waxy toffee and aged oak wood


Simply delicious. A well aged dram with plenty of interest and structure. Complex but complimentary flavours, one to spend some time drinking.

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