anCnoc #ModernTradition Tweet Tasting 01/04/2015

anCnoc #ModernTradition Tweet Tasting


We were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the anCnoc #ModernTradition tweet tasting event held on 1st April 2015.


During which we (re-)sampled the following expressions:


anCnoc 12 Years Old ~ 40% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


anCnoc 2000 vintage ~ 46% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


anCnoc 18 Years Old ~ 46% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)

Three expressions that highlight the character of anCnoc whisky produced at the Knockdhu distillery in Speyside. The 12 Years Old was a gentle and approachable start to the anCnoc range with the 2000 vintage and 18 Years Old progressively introducing more sherry character into that base mixture. For me the best balanced was the 2000 vintage, while the 18 Years Old had greater depth.

Many thanks to anCnoc whisky for the samples and Lukasz at Alembic Communications Ltd.


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