anCnoc Masterclass Edinburgh 25/03/2015

anCnoc Masterclass Edinburgh


On the evening of 25th March 2015 we were invited along to the anCnoc Masterclass held at Whigham’s Wine Cellars in Edinburgh’s West End. Joined by an eclectic group including a good portion of the Edinburgh Whisky Blog, The Whisky Boys, Whisky Corner and Jonathan Trew. Each of us were here to sample some fine anCnoc whisky and in particular their recently released 1975 vintage!


The line-up was as follows:


anCnoc 12 Years Old ~ 40% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


anCnoc 18 Years Old ~ 46% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


anCnoc 2000 vintage ~ 46% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


anCnoc 1975 vintage ~ 44.2% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)


AnCnoc Cutter ~ 46% (Inver House Distillers Ltd.)

The highlight of the evening for all attending was surely the 1975 vintage, at 39 years old this was an exceptional whisky, launched in 2014 it was fitting that we revisited one of the anCnoc peaty range ‘Cutter’ also launched last year.

Many thanks to Andy and Alison from anCnoc whisky and Lukasz at Alembic Communication Ltd.

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