W. L. Weller 12 Years Old

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

45% ABV, £36.99 for 70cl

Score: 85/100


What they say:

As part of the wheated bourbon family, this twelve year old W.L. Weller is aged far longer than most wheated bourbons. This offering is a smooth, easy-going and balanced offering with a beautiful deep bronze color.


Aromas of lanolin, almond, creamed corn and toasty vanilla. The mid-palate flavor is heavily wheated, layered and moderately sweet. Long, oaky, and intensely smooth finish.

What I say:

Sampled during Water of Life Society Tasting Event #3 Going with the grain.

Onto the bourbon, made primarily from corn and matured solely in virgin American oak casks. Strongly associated with Kentucky county and the south, this can be made anywhere in the U.S. W. L. Weller from the Buffalo Trace distillery is named after William Larue Weller who seemingly created the first wheated bourbon by substituting wheat in the mashbill for the spicy rye grain. At 45% ABV this is a little more alcoholic, darker, smoother and subtly more comlex of the two bourbons on offer (compared vs Bulleit Bourbon).