Nikka All Malt

Nikka All Malt (40%, OB, 2015)

  • Blended Japanese whisky
  • 40% ABV,
  • £30.36
  • Score: 79/100


What they say:

In general, Nikka blended whisky is created from malt whisky made from barley malt in pot stills, and grain whisky made by distilling corn and other grains in a patent (Coffey) still. The main feature of the all-malt process is that top-quality barley malt is used instead of corn in the Coffey still, resulting in a whisky made entirely from malt. All-malt whisky, made from barley alone and blended from malts matured over long periods of time, is blessed with a deep scent and mellow taste.

This 100% malt whisky is made using Nikka’s proprietary all-malt production method.

What I say:

All Malt is a mixture of Single malt from Yoichi plus single malt and coffey distilled malted barley from Miyagikyo distillery. The resulting dram is golden with a distinct orange zest aroma, oily and smooth in the mouth with a little hint of oak wood and then a vaporous and short finish.

Sampled at Water of Life Society Tasting Event #3 Going with the grain

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