Auchroisk 13 Years Old 2001 Small Batch

Auchroisk 13 Years Old 2001 Small Batch (46%, Cadenheads, Bourbon HHs, 1008 Bottles, 2015)

Speyside single malt scotch whisky

46% ABV, £44.50

Score: 78/100


What they say:

Bottled January 2015  This is a nice speyside for those of us who like a more softer elegant dram.

Nose: Wow a fruity banquet welcomes your nose to lemon and dried bananas with just a hint of soft white pepper and a rather tantalising note of coriander that opens up to a soft whipped white chocolate mouse with a pineapple drizzle coating.
Palate: Crisp topped vanilla pod creme brûlée with soft sweet sliced apple, juicy raisins with pineapple and fruit salad syrup. The next flavour delivery is a fresh toffee fudge.
Finish: Quite simply the finish is soft and soothing with a rich creaminess with vanilla pods and a slight hint of sweet mint to give the finish a truly lovely sweet freshness.


What I say:

Dram No.2 at the Water of Life Society ‘The Blender’s Malts’ tasting on 29th January 2015 – A 13 year old Auchroisk expression bottled by Cadenheads as part of their small batch range. As Dailuaine, Auchroisk is another distillery that is also owned by Diageo and produces whisky mostly for blending. Sadly left out of their Classic Malts collection, this used to be bottled as a ‘Singleton’ and has been used for decades purely for blending (i.e. 100 % except that sold to independent bottlers) until a couple of recent ‘special edition’ bottlings of which we sampled the 30 Years Old released in 2012 at the Glasgow Whisky Festival in 2014.


Light straw gold (6/20), oily/heavy tears


Neutral, neither sweet nor sour, paper/linen, some honey aroma, oil seed rape honey (mostly sugars), cereal flour and draff, new oak wood


Again neutral on the palate, cereal barley, caramel, new oak wood, honey flavours without the sweetness, floral and soapy, patchouli and lavender


Short and neutral


Switzerland in whisky form, I have never tasted so much neutrality in a whisky. This is like blender’s base or filler whisky. Perhaps slightly overshadowed by the preceeding Dailuaine I really struggled to get much specific flavour out of this. It is not flavourless however, it just possesses very little in any great quantity, there is nothing unagreeable or dislikable either.

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