White Heather 8 Years Old

Blended Scotch whisky

40% ABV, £25 for 75cl

Score: 77/100


What they say:

Blended Scotch mostly sold in France at various age statements (8, 15, years old)m these days bottles mostly only show up at auction.


What I say:

Dram No. 2.2 at the Jolly Toper Christmas Tasting (18th December 2014) was this White Heather 8 Year old blended scotch whisky bottled sometime in the 1990’s. 75cl bottled at 40% ABV


Russet amber gold


Cinnamon spice, cereal barley malt, caramel, toffee, raisins, coconut


Creamy toffee (Werther’s originals), caramel oak, banana cream and fruity peach, hints of heather honey and cereal barley


Short, slightly drying and tannic


Despite the lower ABV and the good chance this blend was chill-filtered (described as Liposuction for Whisky by JT) this blend had so much more going on in it that I enjoyed than The Antiquary 21 Year old.