Galleg Whisky De Bretagne

Galleg Whisky De Bretagne ~ 42% (Distillerie Warenghem)

  • Blended Breton whisky
  • 42% ABV, €18.50 for 70cl
  • Score: 80/100


What they say:

Laissez-vous tenter par cet assemblage original : 50% de Whisky de malt et 50% de Whisky de grain ! Le GALLEG, dont le nom signifie “France” en Breton, et au graphisme clairement identifié Breton associé à la mention Whisky de France ancre très clairement ce whisky dans ses origines.

Nez : Marqué par des notes de bonbon anglais et fruits exotiques, il conserve le caractère typé de la Distillerie (Influence marine, légère tourbe).
: Fluide et entière, elle apporte de la fraicheur soutenue par un beau fruité.
 : Tout en rondeur et en moelleux.


What I say:

Blended Breton whisky made from 50% double distilled malt whisky and 50% grain from Distillerie Warenghem in Lannion, Brittany.


Light and refractive champagne gold (4/20), Medium tears


Sweet and fruity, rich orchard fruits, apples and pears, peaches, apricots, blossom honey, golden syrup, light cereal grains, hay


Light and delicate in mouthfeel, slightly creamy cereal barley and wheat, biscuit, or patisseries, tarte aux pommes, green apple, pear cider or pommeaux, sweet syrup but with a citric sharpness, some hints of white pepper and cinnamon and nutmeg spices


Short to medium, cereal grain, pine sap plus some deeper caramel and toffee oak wood, hints of salt spray and earthy peat


Well constructed and drinkable blend, nice and light in character would make a good summertime dram. Easily comparable to many well-known scotch blends, this one has a slightly sweet and fruity character with a little spice and oak at the finish making it a little moreish. The grain character is only evident in the lightness of the mouthfeel which actually benefits this whisky, giving it a refreshing nature.

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