Inchgower 6 Years Old 2008 Glenkeir Treasures Selection

Inchgower 6 Years Old 2008 Glenkeir Treasures Selection 40% (The Whisky Shop)

  • Single malt scotch whisky
  • 40% ABV,
  • £35
  • Score: 78/100


What they say:

Whether dispensed from the barrel in one of our stores or bottled by us at source, every whisky that bears the Glenkeir Treasures label is unique, different and special. We guarantee its quality and we confidently expect that it will bring great pleasure to all who enjoy it.

This Inchgower 6 year old was distilled in February 2008.


What I say:

Following our review of the Inchgower distillery ‘standard’ expression Inchgower 14 Year Old Flora and Fauna ~43% (Diageo) we have been on the lookout for further expressions from this distillery. Mostly as it has that pinch of sea salt element in the whisky that we seem to favour. So when recently spotted this young expression bottled by The Whisky Shop  I automatically purchased it at the first opportunity.


Full gold, medium/thick numerous tears (oily)


Fresh salty sea spray/sea salt is immediately apparent followed by vanilla, cream, ice cream and barley/cereal notes


Relatively smooth and sweet, vanilla, cereal barley malt, salty then bitter, lemon zest, lime, creamy and finally a sharpness that overall reminded us of quinine (e.g. tonic water)


Medium, zesty citrus, oak and salt liquorice, drying


True to the Inchgower distillery character, I was slightly concerned that at 40% this whisky would be too young to be watered down so far. Thankfully I had no need to worry as there was plenty of character in this dram and even at 40% ABV the palate was reasonably full-bodied and entertaining. I would suggest if you like the taste of tonic water to give this whisky a try as I found its flavour profile gave a similar effect. Once again Inchgower beguiles us with it’s hint of salt and slightly drying nature.

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