Canadian Club

Canadian Club 6 Years Old 1971

Canadian Club 6 Years Old 1971 ~ 43.4% (Hiram Walker & Sons)

  • Blended Canadian whisky
  • 43.4% ABV, £96
  • Score: 76/100


What they say:

A well-preserved bottle of Canadian Club 6 year old, released in 1971, the same year as the classic James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.


What I say:

Bottled in 1971 as stated on the excise strip keeping the screw-cap on! A rare chance to sample some old blended Canadian Whisky – perfect for our virtual world tour of whisky which has developed a time-machine of its own! Once again this was sampled on the WOLS Highland Trip and thanks this time go to Adam Irvine for generously sharing this bottle with us.


Full refractive gold


Vanilla, sweet honey and beeswax, sandalwood and pencil shavings, cereal maize, draff and a little linseed oil


Vanilla,vanilla custard, crème brulee, coconut, runny (light) honey, syrupy and oily, a little butter and cereals, more pencil shaving/sawdust/green oak wood a little spicy and acrid in places


Short, sweet and estery (pear drops and overripe bananas)


Great to sample another piece of history. This is quite complex for a blend with a little spice in places too though if it was intended for mixers and cocktails there is nothing here that wouldn’t be masked by a little dilution. Surprisingly strong ‘new wood’ / pencil shavings aroma and flavour still revealing the feisty youthfulness of a 6 year maturation – despite its 33 year wait to be opened!

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