Linkwood 16 Years Old ~ 48% (The Whisky Exchange)

Linkwood 16 Years Old – Sherry Cask TWE Retro Label

48% ABV, £64.95 for 70cl available from The Whisky Exchange

Score: 86/100


What they say:

A rich and sherried whisky from Linkwood, released at 16 years old at the 2013 Whisky Show by The Whisky Exchange. The label shape is inspired by some very old bottles hidden away in the TWE archives.


What I say:

Thanks to Ben at Ben’s Whisky Blog for this sample of Linkwood. Taken from a Retro Label bottling produced by The Whisky Exchange. This is a 16 year old, sherried Linkwood expression.


Rich blood orange amber, medium/long tears


Fruity oranges and marmalade with hints of ginger, jammy fruit, suede leather, toffee or fudge hints of orange blossom


Toffee, sweet, fruity orange marmalade with shreddings, fig jam, orange blossom honey, spicy freshly grated ginger,  leather-lined cigar boxes and oak wood


Medium, mouth coating sweet, hints of leather and cigars (freshly rolled, not smoking)


A rich sherried dram redolent with Oranges and soft suede leather, this Linkwood has picked up all the right characteristics during its sherry maturation, after the initial orangey punch, that light, floral, honeyed Linkwood character is still present. Simply delicious.

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