Glenlossie 20 Years Old 1993 Authentic Collection

Glenlossie-Glenlivet 20 Years Old 1993 Authentic Collection (53.3%, Cadenheads, Bourbon HH, 252 Bottles, 2014)

  • 53.3% ABV,
  • £55 for 70cl
  • Score: 79/100


What they say:

Nose: Toffee caramel, syrup, almonds and a touch of honeycomb, some sweet spice edges liven the nose.
Palate: Lots of vanilla, dried bananas, hints of kiwi fruits and custard powder, creamy caramel with a hint of spiced apple just to add another layer.
Finish: Faint medicinal creamy note but predominantly lemon sherbet give this dram a far more interesting finish than most other malts. Perfect after dinner summer time whisky.

What I say:

Distinctly old and woody this one was a little astringent and acidic in places, even more so after the addition of water. As Mark said “water always tastes better in whisky, but the opposite is not often the case”. Again this one received a mixed reaction, though on the whole an improvement from the Auchentoshan (Auchentoshan 21 Years Old 1992 Authentic Collection ~ 51.8% (Wm Cadenhead)) as a little more body and old wood were to be found in this dram. One of a 212 bottle outturn February 2014.


Full gold


Alcohol vapours, musty old oak wood, nail varnish acetone, fruity oranges and dunnage warehouses


Warming, yeasty beer, fruity oranges, hops with a slight sour and bitterness, reminiscent of an old woody pub smell


Medium, a little warm and woody

Sampled at Jolly Toper Tasting 21/02/2014

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