Mackmyra First Edition

Mackmyra First Edition ~ 46.1% (Mackmyra)

  • 46.1% ABV, £40 for 70cl
  • Score: 89/100


What they say:

We pursued our dreams and created the first Swedish malt Whisky. A Whisky that carries new experiences. Roasted Swedish oak, a hint of vanilla and dried fruit. Small, handmade casks stored with care. It has a spicy aroma and a fruity, elegant flavour with hints of citrus and caramel. The base is our Elegant recipe matured in first fill bourbon casks stored in the Bodås mine, 50 meters down into the ground. Mackmyra Whisky – The First Edition is the new generation of Swedish single malt whisky, crafted our own way, from local ingredients and without additives. A whisky for you who live life less ordinary.

Nose: Fruity with citrus, pear, apple and honey. A light oakiness with sweet, lightly toasted bread notes and fresh butter toffee.

Taste: Fruity and smooth with citrus, caramel and honey. A light oakiness can be discerned at the end. The aftertaste is tuned and balanced with hints of dark chocolate.

Colour: Bright yellow with a hint of amber.


What I say:

Continuing our 2014 virtual world tour of whiskies we finally reach Mackmyra distillery in Sweden. Not the first of their whiskies I have sampled, however this is the first we compiled taste notes and impressions on.


Full amber gold with medium/strong tears


Juicy fruits burst out of the glass immediately, followed by a sweetness and lots of cereal barley aromas. There is a gentle perfumed floral scent of orange blossom perhaps or daisy, with a sugary sweetness of cotton candy


Fruity apple, orange and cranberry punch is joined by a subtle cereal barley and hints of sweet blossom honey and golden syrup, this sweetness is tempered by tart marmalade, some grassy notes and sweet vanilla pods or vanilla custard / crème brulee


Medium, fruity with sweet honey hints and oaky wood notes


My first impression of this was what a beautiful dram. This was fragrant, delicate and mildly sweetened just enough to balance the oak wood influence. A nice aperitif style whisky, perfect for a summer’s day or dramming in the garden.

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