Jolly Tipel Blend

Jolly Tipel

  • 40% ABV, £2 per 5cl dram
  • Score: 83/100


What they say:

A recreation of a well-known/popular blended Scotch whisky by the Jolly Toper himself.

What I say:

Won as a charity dram at the conclusion of one of the Jolly Toper tastings, this enigmatic little dram gave away very little other than ABV. Whatever could it be?


Golden amber with honey highlights


I found the nose very reminiscent of something I had sampled recently but couldn’t quite put my finger on what? This has sweet honey, fragrant floral perfume, hay – distinctly lowland whisky character (Bladnoch), furniture polish, citric lemon, beeswax and hints of sherry and peat – quite complex on the nose and suggested Johnnie Walker Red Label at me.


Waxy mouthfeel (Clynelish), very smooth and light, cereal barley malt, heather honey, slight apple and peach fruitiness, peaty but subtle – tasted with a wax-laden tongue, creamy, fruity and gentle spiciness of all-spice (not Old Spice!)


Medium/short, sweet, oak wood with a hint of earthy peat, spices resurface at the end


I actually rather enjoyed tasting this, a very well-constructed blend. It certainly gave me the impression of being quite complex in a very subtle kind of way. The hints of waxiness and peat influence just creeping in here and there. Left me with an overriding impression of a Johnnie Walker blend but produced with much better quality whisky perhaps. Who knows – clearly not I!

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