Miltonduff 32 Years Old 1981 Single Cask 5066

Miltonduff 32 Years Old 1981 Cask 5066 ~ 53.1% (Adelphi)

  • 53.1% ABV,
  • £148.71
  • Score: 84/100


What they say:

A single cask #5066 from Miltonduff distillery bottled by Adelphi. Distilled in 1981 and bottled 2013 for 32 year maturation, producing 247 bottle at outturn

What I say:

I couldn’t resist this Miltonduff from Adelphi when I saw it. My previous encounters of whiskies from this distillery had left a very good impression. Miltonduff output usually goes towards Ballantines blends, leaving little for bottling as single malt.


Straw gold


Fruity, peaches and melon, greengages, like walking into a fresh fruit shop, citric and acidic, sharp lemon juice, lemon meringue pie, pastry, vanilla custard and fresh linen (aired laundry?)


Fruity, blossom honey, white pepper spice, vanilla custard and tropical fruit salad, mellows into a grapey/winey flavour, lemongrass almost like a white wine spritzer


Long spirity spice, oak wood, fruity melon and apples


A good complex whisky, plenty of fruit influence and the long maturation gives a woody and herbal lemongrass kick to it. Some interesting and unusual tropical fruit flavours going on which are more easily identified with a little drop of water, which at 53.1% ABV you can easily afford to add. Drinkable at cask strength and slightly reminiscent of the Tomatin 30 year old expression, if you like this older/more matured style then you will enjoy this one very much.

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