Glen Moray

Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish

Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish (40%, OB, 2014)

  • 40% ABV,
  • £25
  • Score: 63/100


What they say:

There’s an almost mysterious, ethereal quality about this radiant malt whisky.
No wonder we enjoy moments of pure lightness as we sip a dram of Glen Moray.

COLOUR: Light Gold

NOSE: First impressions are of toasted vanilla and subtle hints of oak. Aromas of rich dried fruits and leather follow, laced with dark chocolate and blackberries.

TASTE: A wonderful burst of spice hits the tongue combined with a refreshing lemony citrus tang. As the taste develops a rich caramel sweetness with traces of cinnamon comes to the fore.

FINISH: The finish is smooth with soft oak and honey sweetness lingering gently on the tongue. The spice continues to tingle and dark chocolate flavours develop to give luxurious texture and a fitting finale to an elegant whisky.


What I say:

The Glen Moray Classic is the no-age statement (NAS) standard expression from the Glen Moray Distillery. Under new ownership, the latest offering has been given a twist and a little kick by spending 8 months in Tawny Port casks. This was sampled as part of WOLS 14/7 whisky and chocolate tasting


Pinky golden amber


The esters (banana) and acetone (nail polish remover) of the classic are still present but slightly masked by a thin layer of fruity strawberry jam and leather shoelaces, some vanilla and coconut notes are present as well as dried fruits


Similar to the nose a veneer of strawberry jam on toast, cherry lips sweeties, blackcurrants, prunes and raisins lead to brief leathery tannins and subtle cocoa before cereal, vanilla, cinnamon and oak resurface, a little thin in mouthfeel the port-finish is balanced equally with the underlying spirit and feels complimentary


Short, sweet, zesty tangerines and cherries


A definite improvement on the standard Classic – the port finish adds a little fruity sweetness and complexity but struggles to feel completely integrated with the base spirit underneath. Still too youthfull and exuberant for my liking – perhaps a little longer initial ageing before finishing would round this out a little better?

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