Water of Life Society Tasting 14/5 – Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Water of Life Society Tasting 14/5

Scotch Malt Whisky Society


Our fifth tasting of the 2014/2015 academic year sees a collaboration between possibly the best two whisky societies in the world! (Well in Edinburgh at least!). It is with a great deal of excitement we greet the return of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (or SMWS) back at the WOLS tasting session for what has become an annual get-together. It was also fitting then that our SMWS host for the evening was Ryan McCafferty, who discovered his love for whisky during his time at university due to joining WOLS!


The 5 delectable drams Ryan picked out for us from the SMWS included the following; as examplars of the unique Single Cask Whisky that the SMWS is world-famous for.

1. 59.45 Teriyaki chicken with lemongrass ~ 48.5% (SMWS)

59.45 Teriyaki chicken with lemongrass

From the Old & Dignified category comes this 29 year old bottled as part of the recent 30th Birthday celebration of the SMWS.

Simply spectacular – let’s start with a bang!

2. 35.116 Menthol cool meets chilli heat ~ 55.7% (SMWS)

35.116 Bottles

From the Spicy and Sweet category, this one wasn’t my cup of tea but plenty of people did enjoy this one – indicative of the unique nature of their whiskies, with such a large selection everyone will find a SMWS whisky they like.

3. 73.66 Toffee and humbugs in a tea chest ~ 57% (SMWS)

73.66 bottles

Also from the Spicy and Sweet category, this one was a bit more up my street with a light sherry influence

4. 66.60 Caribbean wedding on the beach ~ 56.5% (SMWS)

66.60 Bottles

Lightly Peated – this was my 2nd favourite of the evening, surprisingly drinkable at 56.5% ABV

5. 53.178 A pebble beach with iodine ~ 55.8% (SMWS)

53.178 bottles

From the Peated category – the almost ubiquitous SMWS Caol Ila. I guess some distilleries just have the outturn to provide these casks, this one displays a much softer more approachable side of Caol Ila that I haven’t often discovered in their official bottlings – again all the more reason to investigate the SMWS bottlings and cast aside distillery or age-statement led preconceptions.

WOLS 14/5 SMWS Bottles

WOLS would like to thank the SMWS and their host Ryan McCafferty for a great evenings entertainment and some fantastic whiskies.

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