Spirit of Freedom 30 Years Old

Spirit of Freedom 30 Years Old Blended Whisky ~ 46% (Springbank)

  • 46% ABV, £75 for 70cl
  • Score: 84/100

Spirit of Freedom Blend

What they say:

30 year old blended Scotch whisky, crafted by Springbank’s owners, J & A Mitchell. This fantastic expression was produced to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, so this one’s for you, Robert the Bruce!

The Spirit of Freedom 30 Year Old blend consists of 75% malt whisky and 25% grain, taken from all over Scotland. This is a release of 2,014 bottles.

Official Tasting Notes
Initially fresh with floral aromas, followed with a lovely, creamy sweetness. Honey, nougat and strawberries ‘n’ cream were also identified.
Palate: Sweet, creamy and buttery, as well as sugared pears, honey, nuts and malt. Oak and biscuit notes follow.
Finish: The sweetness is balanced with white spicy pepper. A lovely long smooth finish, another dram please.

What I say:

Dram #2 from WOLS 14/2 Types of Whisky was this Blended Scotch from J & A Mitchell’s at Springbank. Celebrating 700 years of Bannockburn, this is a high malt % blend (75%) and contains at least 5 different single malts covering all regions of Scotland


Full gold/dark amber


Sweet honey, vanilla, malty cereal barley, floral/perfumed


Warming and spicy with cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, malty cereal barley,sour old oak wood and cigar boxes


Long woody oak

Would I buy it:

Actually this is a rather good blended malt, perhaps leans a little too heavily on its Campbeltown roots as there was a distinct Springbank familiarity, drinking this blind I would be surprised if people correctly identified this as a blended whisky, perfectly balanced and delicious in all the right places.

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