Great King Street Experimental Batch #TR-06

Great King Street Experimental Batch #TR-06 (43%, Compass Box, 2014)

  • 43% ABV, £33 for 70cl
  • Score: 75/100


What they say:

Since the launch of the Artist’s Blend in 2011 we’ve been thinking about the style of the second permanent whisky in the Great King Street range. Blending provides a platform for limitless styles, so the world is our oyster.
Two styles have emerged as the leading contenders – one smoky, the other lightly sherried – and so we have released a small experimental batch of each to help us decide.
So, taste, savour, mix if you like; above all, share and enjoy them with your friends.
Batch #TR-06 (Blue)

  • Complex, smoky and aromatic with notes of seaweed, mint, salt spray and an underlying dried fruit sweetness. A one-off, limited release of 3,805 bottles.

What I say:

Both experimental GKS batches contain about 30% grain whisky (again GKS is a malt and grain blend), TR-06 contains ~33% Cameronbridge Grain and 26% Laphroaig giving a subtle vanilla and peaty flavour




Vanilla, honey, wafts of peat smoke


Smooth vanilla cream slightly smoky peat


Medium sweet

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