Mortlach 16 Years Old Flora and Fauna

Mortlach 16 Years Old Flora and Fauna 43% (Diageo)

  • 43% ABV,
  • £42.99
  • Score: 93/100

Mortlach 16 Years Old

What they say:

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

The nose is quite fresh and floral, with developing smoke. Notes of rubber spearmint leaves and gentle smoke with a hint of warm kippers. The palate is very well-balanced and the flavours firm and full. Notes of heather root and gentle wafting smoke with toffee sweetness. Juicy and thoroughly chewy sultanas and mixed peels with a hint of amontillado. The finish is long and well-smoked with oaken warmth.

Mortlach 16yo F&F

What I say:

Nom nom nom! One of my absolute favourite whiskies and up until recently was reasonably widely available at sensible prices. In light of the changing production and marketing of Mortlach this expression is sadly soon to disappear. I only hope that one of the new expressions is simply a re-bottling of this one! The sherried character of Mortlach is reflected in both the colour and one of the major flavour elements of JW back label. As to whether any Mortlach actually makes it into the blend I am unsure, but would suspect it is the barest minimum to help derive that flavour and not a drop more!


Luxurious golden brown


Floral, sweet molasses and hints of treacle, soft leathery sherry notes with hints of clove


Fruity and juicy prunes and sultanas backed by a slight fresh spearmint, deep toffee and fudge sweetness, a little herbal notes of cinnamon and nutmeg and some faint rubberyness may come through from the sherry but is often masked by the meaty full-bodied complexity and almost-cloying sweetness, liquid Christmas pudding!


Long and distinguished, rich sweet sherried fruits and toffee notes linger, occasionally a freshening hint of fresh mint leaf

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