The Antiquary 12 Years Old

The Antiquary Superior Deluxe Blend 12 Years Old

  • Blended scotch whisky
  •  40% ABV, RRP £33.99 for 70cl.
  • Score: 71/100


What they say:

Originally blended by two wine merchants in Leith and named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel this blend is approximately 50% grain whisky and 50% single malt whisky. Of the single malt up to 3/5 [30% of the total blend] is reputed to be Tomatin. As such Tomatin distillery sought to claim this as there own blend and bought the rights for production from Diageo. The Antiquary blend is one of the oldest blended whiskies.

Tasting notes
Nose: peaty, earthy and solid, while in direct contrast displaying delicate fresh lemony lime characters. Nicely rounded and malty.
Taste: a mellow yet feisty palate; predominately malty, citrus flavours come through well with a gentle peaty touch.
Finish: short yet full with a pleasant lingering peatiness.

What I say:

A nice blend with little of the grain whisky oiliness and acidity and a lot of the single malt qualities.


Light golden yellow straw


Fruity with a hint of oak and brown sugar


Sweet, soft and light with lemon and citrus


Fruity with hints of plum and cherry, short with a subtle warmth

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