ASDA Extra Special Speyside

Extra Special Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky (ASDA)

  • NAS, 40% ABV, £20.50
  • Score: 83/100

What they say:

A classic Speyside Single Malt sitting between the smoky, peaty aroma of Islay malts and the spicy floral flavours of Highland malts.

It was years ago that our Distillery in the heart of Scotland first began to perfect the distillation of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Today we’re delighted to say, precious little has changed. We still harvest soft, pure Speyside rainfall from a natural spring beneath our distillery. Using only malted barley, we then slowly distil our whisky in tall, swan-necked copper stills, exact replicas of those first used all those generations ago. Finally this classic Speyside malt is matured in oak casks previously used for Bourbon or Sherry that imbues it with a creamy, more balanced sweetness and rich fruit flavours. The result? A creamy, golden whisky with generous notes of soft vanilla and caramel, a hint of sweet citrus zest and a long, smooth finish.

Light, syrupy sweet aromas of spice and lemongrass notes complement rich vanilla and hints of cinnamon on the palate, slowly fading to a smooth, creamy finish.

ASDA Extra Special Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

What I say:

The final dram in the ASDA extra special re-packaged range is from Speyside. Again at an entry price of £20.50 for a 70cl bottle these are inexpensive and accessible. So far we have been hugely impressed by both the ASDA Extra Special Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (scored 86) and ASDA Extra Special Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (scored 78), so how does the Speyside malt fare…


Dark amber gold


Mealy cereal, wheat/corn – like wholegrain bread, sweet cinnamon and ginger


Buttery and oily this has a smooth tempered sweetness with spices and vanilla, vanilla custard with cinnamon, clotted cream fudge, hints of dark fruits such as prunes and currants, a little coconut – like Nice biscuits


Drying oaky wood, leathery tannins and more creamy toffee

Would I buy it again:

Probably, this is a full-bodied Speyside malt with reasonable complexity. A little youthful in its oiliness but the spices are well contained and lead into a well-balanced bourbon/sherry finish. Overall very enjoyable and drinkable with a depth of flavours that is entertaining and moreish.

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  1. The question should be, which distillery is distilling Asda’s single Speyside malt? Bottling can be done anywhere in Scotland.


  2. Just know that I like the taste and the price and the positive comparison with other Speyside malts…..and even better my dear wife does too. What’s to lose ?


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