Kenmore 5 Years Old

Kenmore Blended Scotch Whisky 5 Years Old  (40%, Marks & Spencer, 2013)

  • 40% ABV,
  • £15
  • Score: 80/100

What they say:

M&S Kenmore whisky expertly blended and perfect for celebrations.

  • ABOUT THIS SPIRIT: Full smooth and lightly peated, Kenmore is a unique aged blend which achieves the highest standards expected of the best whiskies of Scotland
  • Ingredients: Water, wheat, maize, malted barley
  • Colour: Plain caramel
  • Country: Scotland, UK
  • Closure: Screw Cap
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Not suitable for vegans
  • Bottle: 70cl
  • Alcohol by volume: 40%
  • Alcohol units per bottle: 28
  • Alcohol units per 25ml measure: 1.0
  • Does not contain sulphites

What I say:

Part 3 of my M&S own bottling voyage of discovery was this surprising gem of a blended whisky. Another M&S bottling that surprised me in its complexity!




Heather honey, golden syrup, oats/barley malt, treacle and molasses, earthy, floral, toffee, wine and grain


Toffee sweetness, heather honey complexity, cereal malt, warming then woody bourbon oak, vanilla, butter, oil


Shortish with a slightly peaty/earthy mustiness (again a little maturing red wine-y influence), sweet cereals persist.

Would I buy it again:

I am actually tempted to buy this and make everyone I know try it! If for nothing else just the sheer reassurance on my own part that despite being the cheapest, this is one of the best blended whiskies I have ever come across! In part I think it draws a lot of components from the M&S Speyside 12YO to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the major base elements. The marrying together of slightly peaty, and I can only guess at possibly subtly incorporated sherry -finished malts in here is supreme. The latter buttery, oily notes I suspect may derive from grain whisky but even this compliments the other flavours. At the price I suspect I may well be buying plenty more of this, delicious to drink on its own and with plenty of character for mixing in cocktails or shorts – don’t be surprised if you come to visit me and this is the first whisky I hand you!

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