Orange Whisky Marshmallows – Zukr Boutique

Orange Whisky Marshmallows – Zukr Boutique

£4.50 for 100g (10 Marshmallows)

Available from http://zukrboutique.co.uk/

Orange Whisky MarshmallowsWhat they say:

Attention all whisky fans! Coming to you from the heart of Scotland 15 years old Single Malt Dalwhinnie Scotch well-balanced with oranges. Delicately smooth, luxuriously rich marshmallows will be well received after dinner or as a gift.

Ingredients: sugar, salt, golden syrup, pork gelatin, corn flour, 15yo Scottish malt whisky, orange pulp.

Allergy Advice: Gluten free, may contain traces of nuts.

Shelf life: We recommend to consume within 3 months.

No added artificial colours and flavours.

Orange Whisky MarshmallowsWhat I say:

Fluffy clouds of orangey whisky goodness, these perfectly formed marshmallows are sweet and soft and taste of floral roses, orange zest, orange essential oil, and has a subtle whisky flavour of malted barley.

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