Marks & Spencer Dry Old Oloroso Sherry

Dry Old Oloroso Sherry  – Marks & Spencer

  • Exclusive Solera, 20% ABV, £7.50 for 37.5cl
  • Score: 85/100

What they say:

A heart-warming old Oloroso, bone dry yet rich and superbly persistent in flavour. Intense aromas of dark chocolate and Christmas cake lead on to a palate filled with prunes, toasted hazelnuts and exotic citrus peel. From a stock of juts over 60 barrels, Jerez winemaker Manuel Lozano of the famous Emilio Lustau house, has honed a classic example of top-notch Oloroso. A sherry to be sipped and savoured, it is especially good when matched to rich game dishes and hard cheeses served with spiced fruit chutney.

Produced by Emilio Lustau SA, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.

What I say:

I purchased this bottle of Oloros alongside M&S Glenfarclas 2003 single malt whisky as I was curious about sampling Oloroso sherry. I have tried Amontillado many times and Fino occasionally but I have developed a rather keen appreciation of Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez finished whiskies and so decided I should work backwards and discover more about the sherries made in the casks prior to being used for whisky maturation. I never intended to review this Sherry, however the similarities in flavour between this and the Glenfarclas were uncanny!


Blood / ruby red


Distinctive sherry aroma [think Trifle at Christmas time] but with overriding nutty and red fruity notes with a little oak wood also


Initially salty hint before the fruity sherry flavour kicks in, more fruit than nut on the palate with prune and sultana


Drying, fruit and nut chocolate bar and oak wood returns

Would I buy it again:

Actually rather enjoyed this, I think my next bottle of Sherry has to be a PX or Matusalem Oloroso but may well be getting another bottle of this M&S’s finest in again for next Christmas.

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