Whisky Supertasters

Welcome to Whisky Supertasters

Do you love whisky, consider yourself a whiskyphile, whisky expert or whisky critic?

Ever wondered if you are also a supertaster?

Then worry no more!

We are looking to recruit around 100 whisky experts worldwide to test their genetic ability to taste. We will send out details and materials to allow you to test yourself or others, even a whole group of people if you wish, so long as you tell me the results and few other little pieces of information to help analyse them.

What’s in it for you? – It is fun! You will also receive a response detailing your test results including which compounds you can detect and the genetic background behind these abilities.

What does this have to do with loving whisky? – To be honest, I’m not sure, hence the reason for performing this study. The overall results (anonymised for privacy) will help build a picture of genetic taste preference and whisky.

What if I don’t love whisky? – Don’t worry you can still take part, in fact I need 100 non-whisky experts to take these tests too!

Still interested? Then contact me below.