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Yoichi Distillery

Yoichi distillery (Japanese: 余市蒸溜所, Hepburn: Yoichi jōryūsho?) is a Japanese whisky distillery. It is located at Yoichi (余市町, Yoichi-chō?), a town in the Yoichi District, Shiribeshi Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan.

The distillery is owned by Nikka Whisky Distilling, and was opened in 1934. It is the older of the two distilleries owned by Nikka Whisky, the other being the company’s Miyagikyo distillery near Sendai.

Yoichi Whisky Reviews:

  • Yoichi_10YO Yoichi 10 Years Old ~ 45% (Nikka) - Yoichi 10 Years Old Japanese single malt whisky 45% ABV, £68.45 for 70cl from Master of Malt Score: 86/100 What they say: This 10 year old bottling unmistakably carries the Yoichi pedigree, which propelled Japanese whisky to international recognition. Peat notes surround a core of ripe fruit aromas, while a rich texture and underlying power […]
  • Yoichi_12YO Yoichi 12 Years Old ~ 45% (Nikka) - Yoichi 12 Years Old 45% ABV, £71.85 for 70cl Score: 84/100 What they say: Yoichi (founded in 1934) The North of Japan The northern island of Hokkaido is where Taketsuru finds the ideal site for the construction of Yoichi, a distillery built in the purest Scottish tradition. For his first distillery, Masataka Taketsuru sought similar […]
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