Springbank Distillery


Springbank, Hazelburn & Longrow Whisky Reviews:

  • Hazelburn 10 Years Old 2003/2014 Rundlets and Kilderkins (50.1%, OB, 12,000 Bottles) - An intense 10 years old Hazelburn that tastes older than its years due to small cask maturation. A little rough around the edges perhaps but then aren't all "Springbank" whiskies in a good way. 86/100
  • Hazelburn 12 Years Old (46%, OB, 2010) - Yum, I enjoyed this one a lot. Plenty of sherry wood character in here but matched with the malt and oaky wood character also. This Hazelburn still has that Springbank meaty, malty and a little machine oil character but is more sprightly and carries the tannic, dried fruit and nut sherry-influence with pride. 87/100
  • Hazelburn-14-year-old-2000-rum-cask-crop Hazelburn 14 Years Old 2000 (53.7%, OB, Cage, F Rum Barrel, 1 Bottle, 2015) - Hazelburn 14 Years Old 2000 Rum Cask Whisky Review: Sweet and spiced, pleasant but not overly complex, a good solid drinker. 84/100
  • Hazelburn-14-2002-Cognac-Butt Hazelburn 14 Years Old 2002 (55.5%, OB, Cage, F Cognac Butt, 1 Bottle, 2017) - Hazelburn 14 Years Old 2002 Cognac Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review: An interesting expression, really sweet and fruity, well-spiced and borders on becoming a little woody and tannic towards the finish. I'm not sure what I was expecting with this but it appears to carry a lot of classical 'Cognac' flavours whilst keeping that slightly musty and dirty "Springbank" sweetened barley malt backbone. I could really grow to like this one, lets hope they bottle the remainder of the cask soon. 87/100
  • Hazelburn 8 Year Old 2002 Sauternes Wood Finish (55.9%, OB, 9180 bottles, 2011) - Wow! for 8 years old this has a lot going on. A simply superb whisky that absolutely proves that age isn't everything! The balance between the peat of the spirit and the sweetness from the Sauternes cask is perfect. If anything the young age gives this a raw brutality to the whisky producing something more like a true Islay malt than a product of Campbeltown. 90/100