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Owner of Tomatin Distillery

TAKARA SHUZO CO.,LTD. is a core company of TAKARA HOLDINGS INC., which owns 100% of its shares. The Takara Group’s core business, the Takara Shuzo Group, manufactures shochu, sake, light-alcohol refreshers, seasonings, and raw alcohol, marketing these products not only in Japan but also in markets worldwide. Moreover, the Takara Shuzo Group is working to build a business base for sales of Japanese foods and seasonings to Japanese restaurants overseas.

Since launching sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, we have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products that are evaluated very highly by customers, with our focus always on improving product quality and also ensuring product safety and security.

It is expected that customers’ tastes will continue to change in the future in step with changes in social and economic conditions. We believe that our mission is to continue pursuing the essential satisfaction of customers in line with the times, further refining our technologies to fulfill such satisfaction, and supplying products based on our unique and reliable technologies.

Meanwhile, since the inscription on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage register, washoku (Japanese-style cuisine) has been attracting much attention both domestically and internationally. While in Japan, we will continue to inherit and spread the traditional Japanese dietary culture, we will endeavor abroad to strengthen our wholesale operations of Japanese ingredients, and to encourage many more people in foreign countries to experience not only the excellent taste of washoku, but also washu (traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages), such as sake and shochu. By so doing, we would like to contribute to the spread of Japanese food culture throughout the world.

In addition, as indicated by our corporate philosophy, we will continue to aim to contribute to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to remain trusted by customers and highly valued in society.