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Picard Vins & Spiritueux

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Owner and operator of Tullibardine Distillery and owners of the Highland Queen brand of blended scotch whisky.

Terroirs Distillers is a family business, which has been built up by the acquisition and development of distilleries both in France and in Scotland.

With a renowned expertise coming from the rich history and long experience of these distilleries, Terroirs Distillers is focused on producing a wide range of quality spirits.



The Tullibardine whisky distillery is in Blackford, Perthshire, in the Highlands of Scotland.

Tullibardine’s tagline is “A drop of pure Highland Gold”. Linking our whisky not only to the pure spring water from the Danny Burn that is used in its distillation but also to the gold that is panned in the nearby Ochil Hills

Tullibardine is a ‘boutique’ distillery managed by a highly experienced team. To us, crafting whisky in the traditional way is the only way. We are also very specific about the casks in which our whisky matures.

Tullibardine is recognised as being an exceptionally elegant and complex whisky. Our Master Distiller draws on his long experience to create a range of single malt whiskies that we are proud to present today.



Highland Queen was created in 1893, when Roderick Macdonald decided to venture into business for the first time. The company went under the name of Macdonald and Muir Ltd.

Highland Queen was Macdonald and Muir Ltd.’s standard bearing brand for most of the 20th century. The brand name is derived from the association of the port of Leith – that was the gateway to the Highlands and where the original Macdonald et Muir production site was set up in 1893 – with Mary Stuart whose triumphant arrival in Scotland was in Lieth in 1561. She was later crowned Queen of Scots and was the font of some of the most famous and thrilling Scottish legends.

This legend is kept alive today through Highland Queen Scotch Whisky that stands for high and enduring values, history and the free spirit of Scotland and her whisky, embodied by the legendary Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

Once an exclusive Blend has been created, the art of the blenders is to safeguard its unique characteristics through the centuries, ensuring that its identity remains constant. Highland Queen is the fruit of over a century of experience and we are proud to be continuing the tradition started by Roderick Macdonald. As we state on our label:

“The result we leave with confidence to your judgement”.