Bladnoch Distillers



In Galloway, a collection of dark stone buildings sit perched on the River Bladnoch; the Bladnoch Distillery.

With a rich history dating back to 1817, Bladnoch Distillery is one of the oldest Scotch Whisky producers in lowland Scotland, and the most Southerly.

After ceasing production for several years, Australian businessman David Prior rescued Bladnoch thanks to his passion for Scotch Whisky and a desire to restore the heart and soul of the local community and reinvigorate the brand.

With the unwavering guidance of celebrated master distiller and blender Ian Macmillan, and inspired by the many flavours of lowland style whiskies, discover Single Malts that honour Bladnoch’s rural roots.

For the distillery that celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2017, the Bladnoch story is only just beginning.