Tag: Springbank Distillery

Springbank 17 Years Old Sherry Wood (52.3%, OB, 9,120 Bottles, 2015)

A classic Springbank expression with pure sherry maturation using a high proportion of Oloroso casks, perfectly drinkable at 52.3% ABV. Dark fruits and masses of cocoa and tannins beautifully balance that dirty, oily and earthy peat smoke. If anything the Springbank maltiness takes a back seat here, filling out the body and supporting all those wonderfully strong sherry flavours. At just over 9,000 bottles you had better snap this up fast if you want to try it! 89/100

Hazelburn 12 Years Old (46%, OB, 2010)

Yum, I enjoyed this one a lot. Plenty of sherry wood character in here but matched with the malt and oaky wood character also. This Hazelburn still has that Springbank meaty, malty and a little machine oil character but is more sprightly and carries the tannic, dried fruit and nut sherry-influence with pride. 87/100