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Aberfeldy 26 Years Old 1988 Single Cask

The Whiskyphiles Aberfeldy Distillery

Possibly one of the best drams we have tasted. There is a lot to be said about the ambiance and tasting of whisky in a traditional dunnage warehouse straight from the cask. Presumably this is how a lot of master blenders sample their stock and so I feel this really is the most accurate way of ascertaining the true character of the whisky. That said on a high of whisky geekery and information overload, this whisky was a well-received conclusion to our tour and was always going to go down well. Having conversed with others who have also had the chance to sample this cask it appears pretty unanimous that this is a superlative whisky from Aberfeldy. 93/100

Aberfeldy 21 Years Old

Aberfeldy 21 year old is a perfect smooth and silky dram with wonderful flavours of creamy toffee and honey. While I enjoyed sampling this, I wasn’t really blown away by it. The sherry and smoke influences I have heard others describe in this dram didn’t really make an appearance to me. Sadly it is so silky and smooth it is almost forgettable. While that is an achievement in itself, I prefer drams that make their presence felt with a much bigger impact than this. Incredibly refined it is a pleasure to dram but again I find myself lacking the willpower to commit to wanting a whole bottle. We were also spoilt with much more characterful Aberfeldy expressions during our visit which made the 21yo pale in comparison. 85/100