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Kininvie 5 Years Old 2013 Single Malt

Kininvie KVSM001

Kininvie KVSM001single malt whisky review: Initially I found this far too light and thin and didn’t favour the off citrus notes and spice. On revisit, and having breathed a little, this had smoothed a little around the edges, more sweetness and less acridity was apparent. I can’t see myself drinking a lot of this neat / with water as single malt should in my mind be able to be consumed. 68/100

Arran 6 Years Old Original Bourbon Barrel


Arran 6 Years Old Original Bourbon Barrel – The Octave Project whisky review: This 6 year old cask strength bourbon-barrel matured Arran is very light bodied with fresh and fruity spirit and hints of wood. A little bit of a ‘ghost’ whisky, i.e. is it really there? Not a huge amount of character, but fairly light and pleasant enough to carry into the octaves for finishing. 68/100