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Daftmill 11 Years Old 2008 The Whisky Bars of Scotland (55.5%, OB, Bourbon Cask 068/2008, 160 bottles, 2019)


Daftmill 2008 Single Cask The Whisky Bars of Scotland Whisky Review: Well-received by other tasters, almost a complete opposite to the last dram (Imperial). Unfortunately for me this didn’t taste right and had me thinking of early Kininvie releases. Something in this suggested poor distillation or perhaps over-oxidation? Very buttery. 68/100

Kininvie 5 Years Old 2013 Single Malt KVSM001 (47%, OB, Triple distilled, ex-bourbon casks, 2019)

Kininvie KVSM001

Kininvie KVSM001single malt whisky review: Initially I found this far too light and thin and didn’t favour the off citrus notes and spice. On revisit, and having breathed a little, this had smoothed a little around the edges, more sweetness and less acridity was apparent. I can’t see myself drinking a lot of this neat / with water as single malt should in my mind be able to be consumed. 68/100

Arran 6 Years Old Original Bourbon Barrel – The Octave Project (59.3%, A.D Rattray, 2018)


Arran 6 Years Old Original Bourbon Barrel – The Octave Project whisky review: This 6 year old cask strength bourbon-barrel matured Arran is very light bodied with fresh and fruity spirit and hints of wood. A little bit of a ‘ghost’ whisky, i.e. is it really there? Not a huge amount of character, but fairly light and pleasant enough to carry into the octaves for finishing. 68/100