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Whiskyphile, noun [C] specialized / ˈwɪɪl / a disciplined devotion to whisky, first known use 2013.

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‘The Whiskyphiles’ Glencairn Official Whisky Glass

The classic Glencairn glass complete with engraved Whiskyphile definition. This official whisky glass is designed for gaining the maximum experience and pleasure whilst drinking whisky, as used by professional whisky blenders.

Price £6.50 each

Preview Image

Preview Image


  ‘The Whiskyphiles’ Official Canadian Whisky Glass / Tumbler

The official Canadian whisky glass, this large tumbler style glass is also useful if you prefer your whisky with mixers or rocks (on ice) or even if you just enjoy a large measure now and then (remember please drink responsibly!).

Price £7.50 each

Preview Image

Preview Image


‘The Whiskyphiles’ Whisky Nosing Glass

A stemmed nosing Copita engraved with Whiskyphile definition, provided boxed and with a matching watch glass to keep in all those fantastic whisky aromas. A more refined glass used for professional nosing of whisky.

Price £9 each

Preview Image

Preview Image

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