History In the late 19th century, the distillery was founded by the Warenghem family in Lannion, on the pink granite coast. In 1967, Paul-Henri, the latest generation of Warenghems, joins forces with Yves Leizour. They diversify the range of historic liqueurs and focus development towards supermarkets in Brittany. In 1974, Paul-Henri Warenghem and Yves Leizour move the distillery from the town centre to the outskirts of Lannion, right by the Rest Avel spring which means “dwelling of the wind” in Breton. In the early 80s, Gilles Leizour, a trained pharmacist, succeeds his father. Eager to revive the distillery, he decides to focus the company’s activities on regional products, notably creating the Melmor chouchen. Always searching for improvements and stability for the distillery, and encouraged by Bernard Le Pallec, sales manager, Gilles Leizour decides to take a daring gamble: to launch the first 100% Breton – and French – whisky. After extensive trials, the WB Breton whisky, a blend made up of 25% malt whisky and 75% grain whisky, is successfully marketed in 1987. In 1993, fine-tuning his expertise, Gilles Leizour ordered construction of a distillery that is solely dedicated to whisky, equipped with a pair of copper stills inspired by the Scottish distilleries. Armorik, the first single malt from Brittany and France, is officially launched in 1998. This single malt quickly becomes the driving force of the distillery.

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