Spirit of Yorkshire

Hello We’re the Spirit of Yorkshire. We’re Yorkshire’s first whisky distillery and we make our single malt from field to bottle, here in Hunmanby, near Filey on the Yorkshire Coast. We love welcoming people to the distillery, running tours three times everyday and with full-day Distilling Experiences running once a month. Our first new make went into casks in Spring 2016. In October 2019 we were very pleased to launch Filey Bay Yorkshire Single Malt Whisky. The first ever single malt whisky made both in, and of, Yorkshire. Our philosophy is all about respecting tradition but doing things our own way. We are a fully field-to-bottle distillery, farming and growing all our own barley, using water from a source on our farm, and making both the wash and then the new make spirit ourselves. We have a unique distilling process too, introducing a column still, as well as a pot still. This all comes together to produce something unique to our region, that is recognisably our own style.

The Whiskyphiles tasting notes

Official bottling