In the Grallet-Dupic family, we have been cereal producers for 5 generations and distilling for more than 150 years in our small village of Lorraine, Rozelieures, at the foot of an ancient volcano.

More than a family affair, it’s a genuine passion for whisky that drives us. Our centenary know-how as distillers carried us along this wonderful adventure.

By growing the barley ourselves in this naturally rich land, we master the quality of our raw material. We distill our whisky in our farm, a few hundred yards away from our fields.

Our whisky is the result of years of research, and it’s really distinctive thanks to a thorough care of each step of the production process :

all the Rozelieures whiskies are Single Malt and we are the first distillery in France to work with peated malts.

Loyal to our ancestral tradition, we carry out a double-distillation for all our whiskies. This process grants a greater finesse and a unique aromatic intensity.

After distillation, we age our whisky in oak casks from our local forests and also in casks which have contained wine and spirits from Kentucky, Xérès, Burgundy, the Rhône valley and South-West of France.

To discover our identity of innovative producer-distiller, we organize visits and tastings for individuals and groups all year round at the heart of our farm-distillery.

G.Rozelieures Single Malt French Whisky Award Winner (

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