Kingsbarns Distillery


Region: Lowland, Fife, Scotland.

Founded: 2014

Status: Active

Owner: Weymss Malts

Stills: 1x 7,500 litre Wash, 1x 4,500 litre Spirit

Capacity: 0.6 million litres per annum


A man with a Dream

While working as a golf caddie at neighbouring Kingsbarns Golf Links, it was Douglas Clement’s vision that first inspired the idea for a distillery at Kingsbarns. His determined belief in the project and an unfettered passion for single malt whisky has been instrumental in bringing the dream to life.

Old farm buildings and barley fields

The story of Kingsbarns Single Malt Scotch Whisky begins with the conversion of a historic and semi-derelict farm steading into a distillery. For more than three years we worked closely with architects, engineers, designers, and leading whisky specialists as our vision slowly took shape.

Immpeccable Whisky Credentials

The Wemyss family owners have a longstanding passion for malt whisky and connections with the industry dating back to the turn of the 19th century. Kingsbarns Distillery opens another chapter in the Wemyss story and adds an exciting new dimension to an award-winning portfolio of single cask regional malts and blended whiskies from Wemyss Malts.

The Spirit of Adventure

Our copper pot stills were hand-made at Forsyths in Rothes, Speyside, both the Wash Still and the Spirit Still will play an integral part in determining the light character of spirit produced at Kingsbarns Distillery. Our new make spirit has been bottled giving visitors and curious whisky drinkers a unique chance to sample the spirit before it matures.

At Kingsbarns Distillery, we take Fife grown barley and water from an aquifer 100m below the distillery and through our process of milling, mashing, fermentation and distilling fill just 24 casks a week of our fruity and floral spirit. The spirit must mature in oak casks for at least 3 years and a day before we can call it Single Malt Whisky, so we are looking forward to early 2018 to have our first dram!

The rolling countryside of the Lowlands, with its broad meandering rivers and huge grain harvest, once supported a thriving malt whisky industry. The spirit was so prized by blenders that the best Lowland malts were a well-kept secret until comparatively recently. We hope to continue this legacy and will be producing a light, fresh and elegantly dry style of whisky.