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Puffing Billy Steam Vodka (40%, OB, 2020)

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka UK 70cl

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka : From the initial nose I thought this was going to remind me why I don’t drink white spirits except in cocktails, long drinks etc. surprisingly this is much more palatable than many New Make Spirits, so the steam / charcoal purification has worked wonders here. If you are looking for a gently fruity white spirit to mix with this is a great start.

Teeling Single Grain (46%, OB, 2018)


Teeling Single Grain whisky review: Initially a little spirity on the nose but grat palate and flavour, with time/breathing mellows into a rich and sweet lemon curd, some tannin and spice but I didn’t place the wine cask – I mistook it for the grainy spice from unmalted barley or rye cereals. 80/100