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BenRiach 17 Years Old Solstice Second Edition


Doesn’t disappoint, this is hugely complex and interesting. The nose reveals fruity elements of the port finish that are indistinguishable in the palate from other elements. This tastes like it has been carefully hand-selected and mixed to a recipe and the result is like the perfect Christmas mince pie. Perhaps taking flavours you wouldn’t expect to work together and then blowing you away with how splendidly they combine. The more I drink the more it reveals. Thank You BenRiach! 91/100

Laphroaig 18 Years Old


A beautiful whisky from Laphroaig that really tames that fiery powerful peaty character into something sublime. A really delicious dram that reveals sweet woody bourbon character married perfectly with gentle peat and clean iodine. I could drink this all day. 88/100