– Borders Malt & Rye First Blended Whisky Expression from the Scottish Borders since 1837 –

  • WS:01 inaugural release in the experimental Workshop Series by The Borders Distillery (TBD)
  • Small batch of Rye Grain spirit matured in the same fresh-fill bourbon casks as TBD Malt
  • The first blend of Scotch Whisky entirely distilled in Hawick, by TBD

WS:01 Borders Malt & Rye (40% ABV) marks the first release in a new experimental line by The Borders Distillery: The Workshop Series. WS:01 is a marriage of Grain Rye spirit with Borders malt, producing a blended Scotch whisky using spirit uniquely distilled at the Hawick-based distillery.  Only 6,000 bottles will be released for sale in the UK (a further 3,000 globally), each bottle in the Limited Edition numbered.

Colour:            Soft gold

Nose:               The rye dominates with warm spice and toasted wood. Reduced, the fruits emerge

Palate:             Warming with velvet like creaminess. Warm from the over banked fruit tart in buttery shortcrust pastry. Butterscotch sauce over golden syrup sponge

Finish:              Warm, and custard like softness.

Commenting on the launch, John Fordyce, said: “In 2019, we distilled a grain spirit made from rye spirit and matured it in the same fresh-fill bourbon casks as the malt to create this remarkable and aromatic whisky. The spiciness of the rye combined with the Borders malt, which is rich with fruit and vanilla, makes this a very approachable blend with character and depth.

“The Workshop Series,” he added, “is about respecting the rules but challenging the status quo. A rye-based blend is exactly that – it’s innovative, it’s inventive and it gives a taste of what is to come as part of the Workshop Series.

WS:01 Borders Malt & Rye retails for £40 and is available to buy online at

The Borders Distillery® – First Since 1837

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