The First Drops of whisky distilled at Girvan grain whisky distillery sold in entirety to collectors and enthusiasts within weeks of launch

Following strong interest from collectors around the world, The First Drop, a rare 1964 Single Grain Scotch Whisky from House of Hazelwood’s inaugural collection has sold out within weeks of launch. With just 71 bottles of this precious spirit available worldwide, The First Drop offered enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own the very ‘first drops’ of new make spirit filled to cask from the Girvan grain distillery on 8th January 1964.

Commenting on the news, House of Hazelwood Marketing Director, Jonathan Gibson, said:

Given growing interest in aged grain whisky and the historical significance of this release, it should perhaps come as no surprise that The First Drop has generated such interest. All the same, we have been thrilled by the strong response from collectors. The First Drop marks a significant moment in the history of Scotch whisky production – a snapshot in time that cannot be repeated. Like each of our eight inaugural releases, it is unique, remarkable and utterly irreplaceable – we are all delighted to see these bottles in the hands of collectors who we know will treasure them.’

Commenting on the renewed interest in grain whisky, scotch whisky expert, Tom Bruce-Gardyne said: “If you have the patience to wait, single grain whisky matured over the decades in the best possible wood, can be truly stunning – a spirit to seduce even the most committed of single malts fans with its elegance, complexity and sheer depth of flavour.”

The First Drop is one of eight bottles that make up the House of Hazelwood’s inaugural collection which is split across The Charles Gordon Collection and The Legacy Collection. The four releases in the Charles Gordon Collection are all at least 50 years old starting from £3,000, while the Legacy Collection ranges between 33 and 46 years and are priced between £950 and £1,500.  The whiskies are available online at:

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